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MURI Project

This MURI focuses on biologically optimizing biotic-abiotic interactions at element interfaces of prosthetic appliances. Our purposes are to improve (1) benign biological/abiological interfaces, (2) osseous integration, (3) integration of functionally graded materials, (4) facilitation of soft to wet—hard to dry interfaces, and (5) fidelity of robust physiological connections.  The aims of our projects are to develop fundamental understandings of relationship between interface composition, microstructure, macroscopic properties, and biological responses at these interfaces.  The specific tasks address events at the living interface between tissue and the prosthetic device including (1) bone and frame, (2) peripheral nerve and wire, (3) muscle and sensor, and (4) skin and fixator. In each case we discuss ideal interface criteria, design features, coincidence with study purposes, evaluation techniques, analysis of the results, and implications for the bio-integrated structural and neural prosthetic materials model.